Truthfulness is the foundation
of all human virtues.

Known for delivering world-class, full stack web application solutions, Oliver, a 15-year veteran in the software development industry, now provides his services to any startup or business requiring web application development. Oliver's software was acquired by eBay in 2012. He strives to work closely with his clients in order to fully understand their needs and requirements. He is systematic and works iteratively, always with constant, truthful communication. His experience with bootstrapping a startup from scratch, growing it and taking it through an acquisition process gives him a unique edge with working with clients with tight budgets while still needing to deliver a first-class experience.

To do so, Oliver usually opts to build his web applications on top of Serverless platforms to support their backend needs. Oliver iterates quickly when building web apps with React and TailwindCSS on the frontend. If you have a Figma design ready, Oliver enjoys the challenge of turning it into a componentized pixel-perfect app in a very short time. He is a quick learner and aims to launch his projects in the shortest time possible with the best quality.

Oliver works as a freelance software developer on Toptal, an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers. Toptal is reknown for hiring fewer than the top 3% of the thousands of applications it receives each month. If you are a company or startup looking to hire a top talent, Oliver highly recommends you consider hiring them from Toptal for your peace of mind and assured quality.