Favorite Tech Stack

Lately, I've been looking at freelancing again. The tech landscape has changed a lot since 2018. I spent a few days researching on a good, powerful and easy to use tech stack to allow me to ramp up fast on delivering high quality cost-effective full-stack web applications. Below is what I ended up with.

Imagine a tech stack allowing you to code both the frontend and backend in one language. Now, imagine if you made a breaking change to your backend API, wouldn't it be nice if this change was highlighted in the frontend code calling that API? Even better, what if you added a column to your table in your database? Wouldn't it be cool if your frontend code showed you where to update the mismatched data?

All of this is available today, and what I consider the best tech stack out there. Code your frontend with Next.js and TailwindCSS together with your backend in TypeScript, within one GitHub repository. Connect and talk to your database, also with TypeScript. Build your API using tRPC (also in TypeScript) and a bonus, get top notch authentication fully baked in. The cool guys at Create T3 App made all this possible. This stack is a dream come true! I cannot recommend it enough. This current webapp is actually built on top of Create-T3-App.